Last minute home date


Yesterday we had a last minute home date that was quick, cheap and fun! Earlier this week I was browsing the aisles at the grocery store when I got the idea to have a wine and cheese night at home. I already had most of the things I needed at home. So I turned my … Read more

Life in Lubbock

lubbock life 2

Hello I have been so apathetic about blogging lately and I think it stems from just trying to get through this season of life in lubbock. I am so so ready to be back in DFW and most importantly be back with J. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the job I am doing … Read more

Freezer Meals and Love Notes


Happy Monday,   As I mentioned in this post, I am back in Lubbock working for a little bit helping my previous job while one of my beloved friends and ex-coworker recovers from west nile virus (yuck!). So before I left Dallas I wanted to prepare J and serve him the best way I could … Read more