Last minute home date


Yesterday we had a last minute home date that was quick, cheap and fun! Earlier this week I was browsing the aisles at the grocery store when I got the idea to have a wine and cheese night at home. I already had most of the things I needed at home. So I turned my … Read more

Apartment Tour


As promised, here is a few pictures of our apartment plus some tips on making your small space seem BIGGER! When we moved into this place we had so much help between my family and Js family it really helped us pull everything together. Shoutout to my mom and my sister who were opening boxes left and right and just putting things away for me! By the end of the weekend we were completely box free! I hate being in boxes and feel strongly about not stopping until they are all gone. Our family members are such rockstars!

Tip: Something that attracted us to this apartment was the open concept in the kitchen and living room. Surprisingly our last apartment was actually bigger than this square footage wise but the use of that space was terrible. So even though this apartment is smaller (718 sq. ft) we feel like its so much bigger because our kitchen and living room is so open. I can be cooking in the kitchen and have a conversation with J while he is watching tv all at the same time and I love it!

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