Hello. My name is Hannah. I am a jesus lover and wife to a super attractive man. We are coming up on our year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier to keep living life with him. I enjoy cooking, coffee, watching cooking shows and bad reality tv, and spending time with friends and family.




I have started many many blogs before and I usually fall short. So here is another attempt! This time I am starting my blog during a life change. The hubs and I are moving to the DFW area, we have lived in West Texas our entire life and now we are picking up and moving to the big city. So, I thought why not start a lifestyle blog now.

“But why is your blog called paper hart designs?”

Well let me tell you…

Please try to stop yourself from singing All American Rejects Paper Heart song..

Naming my blog is something I thought about and tossed ideas around my head for days. Then I decided on naming it “paper hart” because in my dream world I would love to have a business and call it paper hart (who knows maybe this blog will turn into a business). So what better way to motivate myself and keep me chasing my dream then naming my blog after it.

So what kind of business?

The paper part comes from my love of all things paper. I love stationary, cards, greeting cards and also anything hand written. I am currently working on my calligraphy skills and excited to dive into brush lettering soon. The reason for the spelling of Heart H-A-R-T is because thats my mothers maiden name. Therefore it brings in the personal aspect of my business and I think its unique and beautiful.


I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to collaborate on anything paper or hand lettering let me know! I’d love to help you.

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at paperhartdesigns@gmail.com or visit my contact section.