Freezer Meals and Love Notes

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As I mentioned in this post, I am back in Lubbock working for a little bit helping my previous job while one of my beloved friends and ex-coworker recovers from west nile virus (yuck!). So before I left Dallas I wanted to prepare J and serve him the best way I could while being away for three weeks. But before I go into everything I did,  let me just start by saying this: There are some of you who are going to read this blog and think “Wow you are such a great, perfect wife I could never do that” or “Gosh you really spoil him, don’t you think he can cook for himself” and so let me address you…

First, I am in NO WAY  a “perfect wife” I can tell you many times where I have failed, been selfish or sinful. This is just how I am using my gifts to serve my husband. I absolutely love cooking for him and I especially LOVE making his lunch. While being away one thing I will miss is the small things I do every day to love and serve him. I WANTED to be able to still somewhat “serve” him while I was away and I wanted him to feel my love and care for him. This may not be your way of serving your husband maybe you set up a delivery service to deliver food every evening or pack his wallet with gift cards to enjoy while you are away. Or maybe you iron and press all his clothes for him, I am sure you have your own way of loving and serving your husband. I also do not have a full time job right now. I am working part time as a substitute teacher so I make my own schedule. I took off 2 days to make and prepare all these meals, I was working full time I may have not done all of this. Okay, but don’t you think he can cook for himself? Absolutely! J is actually a great cook and I do not worry about him only eating hot pockets while I am gone or something like that. He did not ask me nor did I feel obligated. It was one of the best ways I could serve and love him while I was not physically present. So without further ado, here is what I did to love my hubby while I am away for three weeks…


The first thing I did was make him was lots and lots of freezer meals. I also packed his lunch for today and Tuesday using those little ziplock containers. *not pictured green chicken chili soup and sides.

freezer meals freezer meals
and yes, I labeled everything.


I also prepackaged common lunch items like chips,crackers and not pictured grapes in the fridge. That way he pack most of his lunches quickly buy just dropping a bag into his box. He loves it.

easy lunches
easy lunches

Then I made this menu for him, that way he didn’t have to search around the fridge/freezer to see what his choices were. Or open the fridge and see “nothing” then go get wing stop. I also used it to make notes about how to reheat food and put serving suggestions. Then I included what he may have to go get from the store, like if he wants lettuce or tomatoes for his tacos he needs to go get that. He is also having a friend come stay with him one weekend so I put some suggestions for what he could serve to his friend so they don’t spend too much money..

freezer meals

Occasionally when I pack J’s lunches I leave him cheesy fun little notes in his lunchbox. So I wanted him to have those while I was gone just to feel an extra little heart squeeze from me. So I wrote out every day I was going to be gone Monday-Friday. Then I wrote a little note. I tried to make it as personal and specific to the day as possible. For example, I knew he would be traveling to Lubbock on that Friday so I wrote the little Annie song to show how excited I am to see him! Then I packed them all up in chronological order and slipped them into his lunchbox.
lunchbox notes lunchbox notes lunchbox notes lunchbox notes


Heres what I have left for J in the fridge/freezer

Pasta- left over noodles with left over meat sauce

Ground Beef– I didn’t use a recipe but if you need one this is pretty close.

Shredded Beef– He will most likely turn this into BBQ beef sandwiches

Spinach Lasagna Rolls – I use meat sauce because hubs “needs” meat with every meal. whatever

White Chicken Chili– part of me hopes he doesn’t eat this because its my FAVORITE.

Pizza– for ya know quick easy dinners while watching Big Brother or something.


I love you jj.




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